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From now on, electric vehicles can get everywhere

ihomer connects charging stations with other digital devices.

The first problem that drivers of electric vehicles face is where to get their electricity. Fortunately, charging stations are currently being rolled out around the world, ensuring you can charge your electric vehicle wherever you go. However, these charging stations must be able to ‘talk’ with other systems for invoicing, for example. ihomer plays an important role in the development of the link between the charging station and the back office applications and between the various back office systems.


Global differences

We developed an open and globally-accepted protocol, called OCPP, for the communication between charging stations and back office systems. This means you can choose your software and hardware yourself. OCPI assures universal access to the information in these back office systems by other systems. As a result, exchanging information and sending invoices becomes much easier and is more in step with modern developments.

To create a universal product, we worked closely with partners around the world. Source: Infographic
One of the biggest challenges that companies are currently faced with is the international differences in energy tariffs and regulations with regards to VAT and excise duties. How do you invoice a Dutch customer who charges his car in Germany using the charging station of a French company? Who pays which VAT? Fortunately, we can rely on the customs experts at ihomer for this.

The protocols that we develop

  • can be accessed by everyone free of charge;
  • are easy to implement;
  • come with detailed and clear instructions;
  • are designed by independent parties.


Insight in complex systems and being able to explain things in a simple and straightforward manner is definitely a prerequisite for this job. If we want a globally accessible protocol, we need to keep it as simple as possible. That is where our vast knowledge and experience in terms of electronic systems comes in handy.

For everyone, everywhere

Because we work independently and flexibly at ihomer, we can rely on the expertise of IT professionals from around the country. Thanks to our unique organisational structure, we can also work with developers from around the world. What’s more, we don’t depend on a government or a parent company, making us the perfect partner to ensure that everyone has access to charging stations around the world.

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