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A tailor-made solution for Maco

From ‘declaration factory’ to full-service provider: the software must also evolve in step with the company.

Maco Customs Service originally started out as a simple customs office that mainly processed customs declarations. Many years later, after the establishment of the European Union, Maco has developed into a full-service provider, offering all the logistical, tax and administrative services that are required for international traffic.


In the meantime, the customs processes had also been automated, but Maco was not 100% satisfied. Employees regularly grappled with their computers. That is why ihomer’s software professionals developed a custom declaration system for Maco, called MCC.

Finally a suit that fits
We developed MCC in close collaboration with Maco. The greatest challenge? User friendliness. Maco’s customers and employees had to be able to file their import and export declarations quickly and efficiently. The tailor-made solution proved a perfect fit!

More bespoke applications!

  • VAT declaration: digital declarations, the quick and easy way;
  • Excise declarations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany with an individual output for every country: online in Belgium, .pdf in the Netherlands, Excel in Germany;
  • An application that customers can use to send Maco a digital authorisation for tax or excise declarations (instead of having to send a fax, letter or e-mail).

We also developed a platform enabling Maco customers to submit their declarations digitally, as Excel, .xml or text files. We use smart software to enrich this information before sending it to the MCC application. From a single package to complete e-commerce flows of several thousands of packages a day: Maco’s customers can now submit their declarations quickly and effortlessly.

Seamless fit

As ihomer software professionals, we have become Maco’s IT department in a sense. We are closely involved in the constant innovations at Maco, from the initial idea right down to the implementation of the software. Whatever Maco does, we always ensure a perfect fit!

From the initial idea

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