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Where patient data arrives at the hospital before the patient does.

When every second counts

You are on your way home after a fun night of playing board games with friends. “We should do this more often,” says your partner as you turn onto the provincial road. Smiling, you look to the right, but out of the corner of your eye, you suddenly see an oncoming car on the wrong side of the road. BRAKE! Due to a wrong steering movement, the car flies off the road and flips over.

Slowly, you come to and hear the sirens in the background. Two ambulances and police have been called and are working tirelessly to free you from the car. Fortunately, your partner is unharmed, but you feel a pressing sensation under your shoulder. You are lifted into the ambulance on a stretcher and taken to the nearest hospital. Along the way, various measurements are taken, and questions are asked. You struggle to speak and can only point to the pain. The ambulance nurse has taken an electrocardiogram (ECG) and sends it, along with all the collected information, to the hospital.

At the Emergency Room (ER), the information from the ambulance arrives digitally and the hospital’s electronic patient record (EPR) is consulted. Preparations are made in the ER, and a treatment plan can already be started. The professional summary of your own general practitioner is also requested. It states that you are allergic to anesthesia. The ER doctor immediately adjusts their treatment plan and is ready to receive you. The correct treatment can be carried out immediately, and you receive the best care because the right information is available on time.

The how?

We prefer not to come into contact with it and often do not know what it all entails. But if it does happen, we must be able to blindly trust it. With our software product AZN Connect, we offer the solution, providing digital and direct access to ambulance information, enabling emergency room staff and doctors to be quickly and accurately informed about the patient. Thanks to real-time updates during the ambulance ride, they always have access to a clear dossier with personal data, measurements, and administered medication. AZN Connect has standard connections for the most common systems within healthcare. AZN Connect also uses standardized message exchange according to HL7 and communicates with both the LSDV and the LSP.

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