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This is how you can enjoy solar panels from China and a garden set from Italy

On a warm summer evening, you are sitting comfortably in your garden with a refreshing beer in your hand. You take a sip and look up at your roof where new solar panels have been installed. While you enjoy the comfort of your new garden set and the TV is on in the background, you may not realize that these products have traveled a long way to reach your home.

Your solar panels were produced in China and shipped by container from the port of Shanghai to the dock in Rotterdam. You ordered them from an installer who sent the invoice and the track & trace code to our customs portal. From that moment on, our custom-made software took over.

Based on the documents obtained, our software made a declaration and ensured that customs were informed in advance of the arrival of the solar panels. This allowed them to quickly and easily inspect the panels. During the journey, our software kept your installer constantly informed of the arrival date and the steps needed to obtain the goods. This way, the installer knew exactly when to expect the products and could adjust his work schedule accordingly.

When customs released the panels, our software sent a signal to the freight forwarder to pick up the goods from the dock and arrange transport to the final destination. This is how the solar panels eventually ended up with you, and you were able to enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy.

But it’s not just the solar panels that our software has ensured arrived in the Netherlands in an efficient and legal manner. Your refreshing beer – brewed in Mexico – and your comfortable garden set – made in Italy – were also imported without any problems thanks to our software. This way, you can enjoy these international products without any worries, knowing that our software made sure that everything arrived according to the rules and with the correct excise duties.

The how?

With decades of experience in the logistics market, we enthusiastically think about what is possible within set time and budgets to achieve your goals. Our long-standing relationships, such as with Maco SGS since 2009, are the crown on our work. We think about how automation can best help them to optimize processes; from customs clearance, processing of excise duties to a fully automated API for communicating with customers.

We do this, among other things, with our knowledge of:

  • DMS
  • NCTS
  • EMCS
  • Single Window
  • PLDA
  • IDMS
  • AES
  • NVWA client import/export
  • Portbase
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