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Falling and rising together

Think big, start small

The board meeting of an international business service provider is coming to an end. After a full day of meetings, only a project plan remains on the agenda. This is something they have postponed several times but now they must make a decision. During the presentation of the plan, the initial skepticism slowly turns into enthusiasm.

This project gives tangible expression to the long-term ambition to supplement the hourly based services with license-based services. This project also builds up a competence in the organization on how to develop and market software with the “lean startup” method in mind. Despite the high investment and organizational change, an agreement was quickly reached.

They came to us with a request to help build the organization. After brainstorming and taking the first tentative steps, we together implemented a way of working where “think big, start small” and making mistakes and learning from them formed the basis. So, together falling and standing up. Open and transparent feedback, small steps, and ownership are essential in this process.

The final organization has grown significantly in terms of both quantity and quality, with processes accredited according to SOC 2 standards. In addition to setting up and organizing the organization, we are responsible for, among other things, the quantity and quality of team staffing, setting up architecture, the CI/CD street, and the Design System.

After a successful period of collaboration and delivering the first products, we handed over the work. We look back on a successful project and are grateful for the trust we have been given to achieve this together with our client.

Lean Startup

The Lean Startup method is a methodology for building and scaling successful businesses. It was developed by Eric Ries and is based on the principle of continuous innovation and rapid feedback loops. Instead of developing a fully elaborated business plan, the Lean Startup focuses on quickly testing and getting feedback from customers. The goal is to learn and adapt as quickly as possible, and to experiment until a product-market fit is found.

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