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How Infuse paves the way for electric cars

The sun shines brightly on the highway as you drive your electric car to your vacation destination. You have a few hours of driving ahead of you and you see that your battery level is starting to drop. You enter your destination into the navigation system and it directs you to the nearest charging point on your route.

You drive into the parking lot and see the charging point standing from a distance. It looks modern and well-maintained. You park your car in front of the charging point and take the plug in your hand. You plug the plug into the socket of your car and take your mobile phone out of your pocket and start the charging session.

You step into the nearest coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee while the Infuse software ensures that your car is charging. Infuse, developed by the EV experts at ihomer, makes it possible for thousands of charging points worldwide, from Australia to England and from the Netherlands to North America, to provide EV drivers with a seamless charging experience.

The Infuse suite contains all possible software tools and platforms that an EV company needs to manage their charging points. This means that EV companies can focus on developing new technologies and services, while the Infuse suite ensures that their customers can always charge at any charging point, anywhere in the world.

The adoption of electric cars is growing and so is the need for a reliable charging network. Thanks to Infuse, the way is cleared for a future in which electric driving is the norm and we no longer have to worry about finding a charging point.

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