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About us

We are the most motivated software professionals for our customers.

The services that ihomer provides could probably be best described as project-based tailor-made software solutions. What sets us apart is our way of working – which is a little bit different – combined with our passion and our technical skill. However, our added value lies in our ability to come up with simple, technical solutions to complex business challenges. Thanks to our wide-ranging knowledge and experience, we are capable of thinking along, suggesting alternatives and creating the best solution, together with our customers.

Meet us

To generate more and more significant added value, we have set up teams that specialise in one or more domains. These are areas in which we already have the required knowledge and experience and are therefore quicker to understand what needs to be done. This also enables us to share our knowledge in the form of projects as well as (intermediate) products or services.

We call this ‘homeshoring’, our alternative to the offshoring trend. Homeshoring means outsourcing projects to an organisation, with people working from any location in the Netherlands. Our customers prefer working like this, because they don’t have to take linguistic, cultural or time differences into account. And we like the fact that we don’t lose any time in traffic because we get to choose where we work.

We believe in homeshoring