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ihomer’s magic potion

The right ingredients.

These are the three most important ingredients in the magic potion that has contributed to our success.

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Wanting something energises you.

Wanting something enables us to invest all the time and energy we need to achieve the best possible results. Wanting something challenges us to be better at what we do and to take initiative. Wanting something ensures we stay enthusiastic and more than makes up for all the energy we put into it; Wanting something ensures that we actively share knowledge with each other and closely monitor the latest developments. Wanting something also means we don’t have to worry about administrative procedures such as timesheets or holidays.

Together means with each other

Working with each other, rather than for each other. Together also means having no managers. Together means that the people work for the team and the team works for the people. Together is how we put one for all, all for one into practice. Together means knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and accepting them. Together means we don’t set up project teams but assign projects to teams instead. Together also explains why we develop the systems our customers need rather than the systems they want. Together means working as employees for a salary that we jointly determine, generating a profit that we divide among ourselves.

Simple means exactly that: clear and, well..., simple

Simple forces us to think more carefully when it comes to complex matters and to find ways to simplify things. Simple refers to our subdivision into smaller organisations of six to twelve people, who operate and make decisions independently. Simple means keeping an overview of the scope and structure of our projects. Simple refers to direct communication. Simple means looking beyond the day-to-day hustle, and thinking about how to simplify and improve that what we do. Simple refers to the lack of processes and procedures.